We have an opportunity to raise awareness and to end racism.

As a Latino run business, Sistemo Design supports Black Lives Matters, we support the banishment of social injustices, the end of racism, giving felons a fighting chance, obstruct pointless discrimination, and give more opportunity for minorities and women.

This is without a doubt one of the toughest times in our country’s history, as we continue to fight a horrific pandemic and the resulting economic destruction that it is bringing, we are finally coming face-to-face with the long-term effects of racial injustice. This was a longtime coming. Watching tens of thousands take the streets to speak out against fear, inhumanity, dehumanization, and oppression, is truly inspiring for the dedication it represents and at the same time immensely tragic that society has let it get this bad. 

You can’t separate peace from freedom because no one can be at peace unless he has his freedom.

– Malcom X

Sistemo Design supports Black Lives Matters, we support and demand that racial injustices end and cease to exist. There is zero point for this to be going on, all humans are created equal, it says that in our constitution, it says that in every school and history book in America. All men are created equal. 

Today; neighborhoods, downtown plazas, and abandoned streets have felt the heat and frustration that minorities have been facing for centuries. But those fires will be extinguished, and eventually the damage will be repaired. What remains, however, and will never be extinguished are the images of George Floyd and the many that came before him, whether famous or not, there have been millions of silenced voices out there. It is in their name that we come together to embrace the fight for equality and justice as a common cause, because the only way to even begin this process is going to be collectively, as a group, through dialogue and more importantly empathy and forgiveness. I thought that all men were created equal.

Sistemo Design has started an educational push called EQUAL. Please support us by learning something, anything about injustice, oppression, color blindness, racism, and dehumanization. You’ll never be able to walk in our shoes but you sure can understand why. The more we learn the more open our minds will become. My girlfriend is African American and being a Latino man, I have learned so much. Please continue to fight and educate yourselves.



In honor of George Floyd, and every last Black life and minority who faced the oppression, hate and distain that continues to be launched at them on a daily basis.

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  1. Thanks for the article. 2020 was a horrible year but if society can make lasting progress it won’t be a total loss. I went to the building where Malcolm X was shot in upper manhattan on the 50th anniversary of his death and there was no one there. No candles, no signage. I was shocked at the absence of recognition.

    These new generations aren’t being taught about independent thinkers like him. I was fortunate to have older parents growing up and my mother actually went to one of the main DC marches on Washington. Government-sponsored history classes don’t include most of the truly independent thinkers.

    This article also reminded me of the Rodney King beating. A big turning point in documentation as someone got a big bulky VHS recorder out in time to at least maintain evidence.

    But, as I recently brought up at work to people of varying ages and backgrounds, we were lied to for decades. Made to think King was on PCP on the night the video was made. What actually happened was the police report indicated the officers thought he was, but he tested negative. That was a long lasting, impactful lie that the media perpetuated.

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