Corona. COVID-19. Whatever Your Name Is. We Will Outshine You. An Important Message from Sistemo Design


Can we turn a horrible situation into a positive? We think so. Corona/COVID-19 will go away one day, but in the meantime what do we do? If you are a small business owner or someone who might want to start a small business you have a fantastic opportunity in front of you. With all the riskiness about sickness and the fiscal impact of the Coronavirus, we believe this is an excellent time for individuals and businesses to revisit their websites, maybe update the content, see if 1+2=3, sometimes we rush things, especially websites, why? Because typically, companies wait until the last minute to build a website. Now, there is an opportunity to fix those little idiosyncrasies that your website might be having. Sistemo Design is here on a consulting basis and is ready to help in a moments notice as our small staff is now working from their homes. For the next two weeks we are offering free logos to anyone that wants one, that’s a $150 value, free.


School closes on Monday! Hooray! I’m sure you are delighted, but your parents aren’t, and to top it off most parents are going to be working from home. Or maybe your in college and have a break because they shut down your university, now’s the time to catch up. Maybe your in the Golden years of your life and you’re tired of your grand kids running circles around you with their cell phones? Last but not least, what did you promise your boss this time? If you are an employee and work in graphic design, web design, or just started said job, call us, we will make you look like a superstar! So, everyone has time now, time for what? How to learn some of the most exceptional subjects on the planet, subjects like web design, graphic design, and content. If anyone is interested, we are going to be conducting online classes this next week through Zoom! Remember Corona/COVID-19 didn’t wait nor cared to wait for us to get ready and neither should you. We can do the first half an hour on us, that makes it really cheap, like $20.00 for an hour.


What a better time to ramp that resume up? Check out the blogs we have written on the resume and the hardships people suffer if they dont have one, a correct one, a one that will beat the heck out of ATS. We are offering a consultation on your current resume and job wishes that you may have. We will give you some tips on how to get it going, and go over what the Applicant Tracking System is. All for free! That’s a $99 value.

We can turn a horrible situation into a positive one, look at our friends from Life Not Labs they are giving huge discounts and selling the heck out of organic vitamins, why? Because it’s the right thing to do, without small business this wouldn’t be America, this would be some unbalanced country. We need balance, especially right now. Let’s close up. Corona/COVID-19 will never be forgotten, nor will the people that died from it be, we must continue to fight and hold fast. We won’t be the same after this either, but, hopefully, we will have learned how to work together.


Sistemo Design, LLC

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