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    Digital Marketing

    From: $75.00 / month

    Digital Marketing is not complicated. I believe that people that sell these services are smoking funny stuff when they quote you a price. So, we decided to change it up and offer a MONTHLY subscription based on services rendered. So, for example we offer three different subscription based off of  FOUR services that you can…

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    Google Education Partners


    Google Education is the king of educational programs.  As Google Education Partners, our goal is to design tools that meet the evolving needs of everyone who uses them, and why not right? As a Google Educational Partner we have the ability to strengthen your school, your program, your online classrooms.  Our goal is to provide…

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    Graphic Design



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    Logo Design


    Welcome to the world of logos, we can literally design you something during the middle of the night. We are always of the go!!Check out our logo packages below!

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    SO, you need a website, you probably even went at it alone and tried to make it yourself, yeah, that was one of the worst experiences of your life, but you survive. You’re sitting back in your recliner or couch and realize that you have this business, doesn’t matter if it’s new, old, established, whatever…

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    From: $25.00 / month

    Let us maintain your website!Maintenance Package WordPress! The key to your success is going to be this maintenance package, why? Because once we finish said website, you will have a decision to make, which way will you go: OPTIONS 1. We hand the site off to you and it’s all yours, good luck, we wish…

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    From: $25.00 / month with 1 day free trial

    We are giving you a free trial to set up, so, the first hour is on us!

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