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Find a class, start your dream.

WP Institute of Design are your go to tutors in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Sistemo Design was designed for you! Take your design skills to the next level by mastering the basics of modern web design. With this comprehensive design course, you’ll learn everything you need to know about web design. Anyone is welcome. We teach, we train, and we conquer. WordPress can be beat!

How it works.

You finally found it, a design school that gives two hoots about you! Read how it we work.

A Vocational Design Certificate Program

1. You’ve identified a need

With the pandemic going on, this has pushed many people to work from home and online. You want a piece of the action? You just identified a need.

2. Find a class, start your dream

Although we have been tutoring for the last two years, this part of Sistemo Design is brand new. As a start up we have limited classes, at first this beta will probably be private one on one tutoring.

3. Find a Tutor

At this second in time we have five tutors, we expect that to go up to 50 by this time next year. Our tutors have been private or with Wyzant and other big time tutoring emporiums.

4. Buy now, pay later

We have many options, especially when you start looking at long term tutoring, we use the buy now, pay later model through ———— who has been a great partner.

Our Design Classes